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AGB Radio

AGB Radio (February 13, 2017)

New Anjou, new Skullflower, new Noveller, new Grails, and new Taylor Deupree? Dream. Also how come I haven’t heard of Saltland yet SHE’S AMAZING.
AGB Radio 2017/02/13

Background music: Zwischenwelt – Die Strasse Zerpflücken II (from Musical Compositions Lasting Days Or Weeks)

00:00:00 Saltland – Under My Skin (from A Common Truth)
00:03:19 Talk break
00:04:47 Skullflower – A Walk Through English Woods By Water (from The Wisdom Of Venom)
00:24:39 Gunther – Lemon (From Faces Everywhere)
00:29:03 Talk break
00:29:48 Taylor Deupree – Fenne (From Somi)
00:40:04 Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet – Hamnstad (from Hafvet)
00:59:44 Talk break
01:01:01 Anjou – Culicinae (from Epithymía)
01:15:31 Izanasz – Subliminal Storms (from The Opposite Of Aloof Vol. 1)
01:30:27 Talk break
01:32:15 Isabella – Cloying Traces (from Viscous Positions)
01:37:47 Francesco Giannico – Much (from Deepness)
01:48:01 Grails – Deep Snow II (from Chalice Hymnal)
01:53:44 Noveller – Deep Shelter (from A Pink Sunset For No One)
01:59:10 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (February 6, 2017)


Too much excellence in this episode it’s almost not even possible. Bookended with new Emptyset and Second Woman jams with new Sutekh Hexen improv black noise and also a new Scuba Death record (!???!), then there’s the twisted brilliance of Fire-Toolz, I mean honestly this episode is fuckin stacked.


AGB Radio 2017/02/06

Background music: Ritual Object – Energy Vampire (from A Field Guide To Occult Warfare)

00:00:00 Emptyset – Axis (from Borders)
00:04:10 Talk break
00:05:34 Fire-Toolz – To See My Hatred Clearly (from Drip Mental)
00:10:06 Scuba Death – Cracks In The Shield (from The Worm At The Core)
00:17:59 Travis Trevisan – Phoenicia (from Slug)
00:23:15 Richard Osborn – Still I Will Be Merry (from Endless)
00:29:34 Talk break
00:31:32 The Necks – Blue Mountain (from Unfold)
00:52:14 No UFOs – Apocryphal Blues (from NU LP For RS)
00:55:45 Sutekh Hexen – Visitor (from Salem)
01:00:52 Talk break
01:02:23 Kay Hill – ANARAK II (from ANARAK)
01:14:10 Moon Duo – White Rose (from Occult Architecture Vol. 1)
01:24:26 José Silva – Cannot Explain It (from Modulated Tones No. 1: Music For Framed Works)
01:29:28 Talk break
01:30:35 Brian John McBrearty – Things I Recall (from Blue Twenty-Three)
01:43:19 Joachim Nordwall – Great Mind Of Fire (from The Ideal Black)
01:53:32 Second Woman – I E/P (from E/P)
01:59:03 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (January 30, 2017)


You should do two things right away. 1: go download the Physically Sick charity compilation because it goes to good things (ACLU, PP, etc) and is full of righteous tunes and 2: go sign up for Chris Elmore’s Persistence subscription series and get your fix of the high quality special shit all year long.


AGB Radio 2017/01/30

Background music: Beatrice Dillon & Rupert Clervaux – The Same River Twice (from Two Changes)

00:00:00 CEP – Pupil (from Drawing The Target Around The Arrow)
00:05:29 Talk break
00:06:43 Alan Courtis – Estiba (from Los Galpones)
00:21:56 Isabella – Dying And Denying (from Physically Sick)
00:29:28 Talk break
00:30:59 Luciernaga – Untitled III (from Tile III)
00:50:36 Cristian Naldi – Requiem Rurale Parte 1 (from Rurale)
00:59:07 Talk break
01:00:19 Life Education – Acid Owl Meets Eagle Wizard (from Acid Owl)
01:09:30 Christopher Elmore – Lamentation A (from Lamentations)
01:31:08 Talk break
01:32:47 Trevor De Brauw – From The Black Soil Poetry And Song Sprang (from Uptown)
01:44:21 1 Mile North – Broken Corners (from Awakened By Decay)
01:53:49 Desiderii Marginis – The Core Of Hell II (from Songs Over Ruins)
01:58:48 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (January 23, 2017) – Label Spotlight: Debacle Records


Debacle is run by one dude, Sam Melancon, out of Seattle and he’s been at it for over a decade. It’s been an AGB mainstay ever since I first heard that Megabats record back in 2009 and I’ve been faithful ever since (oh what’s that? you’re wondering what my favorite Debacle release is? so glad you asked. it’s almost certainly Total Life’s Bender/Drifter). From now until the end of the month (I think?) he’s got just about every release on the Bandcamp page set to pay what you want. So go download literally everything because it’s super eclectic and all 100% amazing and throw Sam as much money as you can. Then make sure you head back later this year when he drops the new High Aura’d and Aquarelle records (!!!!!).


AGB Radio 2017/01/23 – Label Spotlight: Debacle Records

Background music: Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & The Rita – Drowning Witches II (from Drowning Witches)

00:00:00 Megabats – Meak Attack (from In/Out)
00:07:10 Talk break
00:09:04 Daniel Bachman – Black (Take Four) (from Grey-Black-Green)
00:14:31 Demian Johnston & Kevin Gan Yuen – The Thought Of This… (from Keep Your Hands)
00:29:28 Talk break
00:30:58 Paintings For Animals – Ahni Hansa (from Kristeater)
00:41:49 Dull Knife – Excavating (from Dull Knife)
00:58:03 Talk break
00:58:49 Black Hat – Callas (from Spectral Disorder)
01:04:31 Zac Nelson – Amazone Wall Smasher (from Charbroile)
01:06:25 Total Life – Bender (from Bender/Drifter)
01:22:42 Hayden Pedigo – If I Could Go Back (from Five Steps)
01:25:05 Talk break
01:26:27 Chambers – 000X (from Sigma Flare I)
01:36:31 Camedor – Alba (from En Ut/Alba)
01:48:55 Elkhorn – Dogfish Blues (from Elkhorn)
01:59:10 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (January 16, 2017)


There’s probably only a few names on here that you don’t recognize and one of them is probably MJ Lallo and that is seriously the only one that matters. Full Spectrum dug up a copy of the original 1988 tape, remastered it, and shared it with the world, vocal heavy weirdo exotica that sounds a bit like The Knife + Suzanne Ciani.


AGB Radio 2017/01/16

Background music: Senyawa – Brønshøj 4 (from Brønshøj (Puncak))

00:00:00 Pan Daijing – Tenderloin Tanz (from A Satin Sight)
00:05:56 Talk break
00:07:06 Keiji Haino, Jozef Dumoulin, & Teun Verbruggen – Non-Dark Destinations (from The Miracles Of Only One Thing)
00:32:51 Talk break
00:33:42 Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson – I Am The Cello (from Wondrous Intermission)
00:52:37 Thomas Köner – Tiento De La Luz 5 (from Tiento De La Luz)
01:03:42 Talk break
01:04:27 Lawrence English – Somnambulist (from Cruel Optimism)
01:10:24 Celer & Dirk Serries – Above / Below (from Background Curtain)
01:28:14 Talk break
01:29:08 Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe – Withdrawal (from Thought Withdrawal)
01:45:45 MJ Lallo – Blues For Buddha (from The Channeled Voice)
01:51:27 Mai Mai Mai – Magois (from Phi)
01:59:11 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (January 9, 2017)


Lots of solo acoustic and black noise/metal, plus a cover of Hank Williams and me mistakenly thinking the Humbert & Rosenboom collab came out this year instead of 2013.


AGB Radio 2017/01/09

Background music: Tashi Dorji – Still III (from Collected Works)

00:00:00 Rob Noyes – Oni (from The Feudal Spirit)
00:04:36 Talk break
00:06:34 Sandworm – Still Beside The Grave (from Trails)
00:10:28 Nested – The Nasty Ripple Waltz (from Nested 5)
00:26:28 Gultskra Artikler – Savage Mechanism (from Industria)
00:30:42 Talk break
00:32:07 Crawl – Failure I (from Poisonous Failure)
00:39:35 Leila Abdul-Rauf & Nathan A. Verrill – The Angel Of Death (from The Angel Of Death single)
00:41:01 Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy – Al Weshaya (from Darraje)
00:52:46 Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom – Talk 1 (from Daytime Viewing)
01:01:29 Talk break
01:03:22 William Fowler Collins & James Jackson Toth – The Border (from Under Stars And Smoke)
01:16:59 Glenn Jones – Portrait Of Basho As A Young Dragon (from Fleeting)
01:23:17 Skyjelly – Krilltastica (from Black Panthers / Priest, Expert, Or Wizard)
01:29:36 Talk break
01:30:49 Nekrasov – Part 1 (from In Token Of Their Spite)
01:41:23 Damian Valles – Poison Tooth (from Frameshifting)
01:45:30 Willie Lane – New Arrivals (from A Pine Tree Shilling’s Worth Of Willie Lane)
01:58:57 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (January 2, 2017) – Top 20 Metal Countdown


Was able to cram all 20 (21) into one episode and only had to do one excerpt. I consider that a victory.

Check the full list over here.


AGB Radio 2017/01/02 – Top 20 Metal Countdown

Background music: Cultes Des Ghoules – Storm Is Coming, Come The Blessed Madness (from Coven, Or Evil Ways Instead Of Love)

00:00:00 Malevich – Perennial Self (from Only The Flies)
00:01:16 Talk break
00:02:36 Book Of Sand – Crumbling Palaces (from Occult Anarchist Propaganda)
00:08:02 Jute Gyte – Palimpsest (from Perdurance)
00:16:20 Zön – Behold (from Mount Gaash)
00:21:48 Aureole – Interloper (from Aurora Borealis)
00:25:33 Talk break
00:27:03 Fuath – In The Halls Of The Hunter (from I)
00:36:02 Tardigrada – Erschöpft (from Emotionale Ödnis)
00:44:45 El-Ahrairah – White Kingdom (from El-Ahrairah)
00:48:19 Mare Cognitum – Aether Wind (from Luminiferous Aether)
00:56:39 T.O.M.B. – Mystic Blood Scrying (from Fury Nocturnus)
00:58:45 Hagazussa – Air Of The Black Spore (Contamination) (from Dyspnea: Early Works Compilation)
01:00:12 Talk break
01:01:47 VRTRA – The Cold Suffocating Dark Goes On Forever (from My Bones Hold A Stillness)
01:09:25 Twilight Fauna – Tongues Of Knowledge (from Fire Of The Spirit)
01:15:56 Without – Ego (excerpt) (from Elaborations: II)
01:18:48 Névoa – Conflict (from Re Un)
01:23:02 Forgotten Spell – Proclaiming Satan (from Epiphaneia Phosphorus (Angel, God Or Insanity))
01:27:13 Talk break
01:28:33 Spektr – Your Flesh Is A Relic (from The Art To Disappear)
01:31:44 Zeal And Ardor – Blood In The River (from Devil Is Fine)
01:35:16 RLYR – Slipstream Summer (from Delayer)
01:41:39 Astronoid – Obsolete (from Air)
01:47:49 Mizmor – Inertia, An Ill Compeller (from Yodh)
01:58:38 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (December 19, 2016) – Top 30 Drone Countdown, Part II


The top 15 of my 30 favorite drone records this year. See Part I of the radio countdown over here and the actual list over here.

Kinda messed up the timing of some of the talk breaks (like the last set of songs goes on for about 45 minutes instead of 30), so, sorry about that.


AGB Radio 2016/12/19 – Top 30 Drone Countdown, Part II

Background music: Vapor Lanes – Embers (from Hieratic Teen)

00:00:00 Architeuthis Rex – Fallen (from Stilbon Is Dead)
00:05:23 Talk break
00:06:41 Eola – How Far Am I From Canaan? (from Dang)
00:08:45 Nested – “What A Beautiful World This Will Be.” (from 3)
00:15:08 Matt Carlson, Michael Stirling, & Doug Theriault – Mishra Bhairavi (excerpt) (from Aakash)
00:24:00 Fis – Independently Together (from From Patterns To Details)
00:28:07 Talk break
00:29:11 Jon Mueller – How You Look When You’re Not Looking (excerpt) (from Tongues)
00:38:11 Of Earth And Sun – Radiatory Transmissions (from A Consuming Fire)
00:44:57 Accident Du Travail – Sheep’s Joy (from Très Précieux Sang)
00:48:00 Talk break
00:48:48 La Tène – Marche De Fahy (excerpt) (from Vouerca/Fahy)
00:58:04 Phurpa – Long Life (excerpt) (from Rituals Of Bön I)
01:06:41 Paul Jebanasam – eidolons beginning p = (m²A ² am to (rho-z)-y ∂t+(ρ see to wait dz/dt = it xy that I -beta* do not z countless (from Continuum)
01:16:35 Talk break
01:17:31 Shovels Beat The Sun – Sky Wires (from Sky Wires)
01:25:31 Ela Stiles – Black Metal (from Black Metal)
01:35:21 Claire M. Singer – Wrangham (from Solas)
01:41:52 Maja S. K. Ratkje – Part 3 (from Crepuscular Hour)
01:57:58 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (December 12, 2016) – Top 30 Drone Countdown, Part I


Since it’s hard enough to fit 15 of my favorite drone songs into 2 hours, let alone 30, I had to break this episode into two parts. This is the first part where I go through numbers 16-30 (or rather, 30-16). Next week I’ll count down the top 15.

Check the actual list of my Top 30 Drone Records over here.


AGB Radio 2016/12/12 – Top 30 Drone Countdown Part I

Background music: Autumn Pool – Always (Orbiculatus Glowing On The Plain) (from Balm In The Night Air)

00:00:00 Joe Clark – Sleeptalker (from Throw Me In the Susquehanna)
00:06:41 Talk break
00:08:17 Tristan Perich – Section 2 (from Noise Patterns)
00:12:11 Medina / Walsh – Salton Sea (from Vault Of Angels)
00:15:11 France Jobin – L (from Singulum)
00:21:34 Talk break
00:22:31 Mike Weis – 17’21” (excerpt) (from Sound Practice)
00:37:31 Tape Loop Orchestra – Part One (excerpt) (from The Invisibles)
00:52:30 Talk break
00:53:30 Bethan Kellough – An Opening (from Aven)
00:57:43 Damian Valles – Stem (from Strand)
01:00:20 Amulets – Conditionals (from Personal Power)
01:03:49 Tongues Of Light – Healing Side (from Channelled Messages)
01:18:27 Braeyden Jae – Obscured And Waiting (from Fog Mirror)
01:24:23 Talk break
01:25:32 Insect Factory – Cigarette (from Work)
01:28:21 Robert Curgenven – Framed By The Edge Of The Earth (from Climata)
01:38:23 Sunken Cathedral – Blessing & Embodiment (from Subtle Body)
01:49:05 Jeremy Bible – Arp 220 (from Music For Black Holes)
01:58:19 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (December 5, 2016)


Some premium shit in this one. That Emily Reo song is flat out amazing. And then there’s that concept record “imagining the sound of British summertime as heard by one of the most important members of the animal kingdom – the bee.”


AGB Radio 2016/12/05

Background music: Holypalms – Stoned In The Jungle Stolen By The Liana (from Jungle Judge)

00:00:00 Emily Reo – Spell (from Spell)
00:06:17 Talk break
00:07:35 Angela Sawyer – Yaadon Ki Baaraat (from On The Pedestrian Side)
00:11:08 Tetuan – Lame Rosse (from Lay Llamas / Tetuan Split)
00:20:47 Landing – Grow (from Complekt)
00:30:38 Talk break
00:31:39 Dirk Serries’ Microphonics – XXX The Deprivation Of Heart (from Microphonics XXVI-XXX: Resolution Heart)
00:46:05 East Forest – Held (from Held)
00:50:38 D.F.H. – Aluminum Splinter (from D.F.H.)
00:58:45 Talk break
00:59:40 Rashad Becker – Dances V (from Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. II)
01:04:21 Mantle – The Passage Of Time (from Kindness)
01:11:04 Olivia Block – Dissolution A (from Dissolution)
01:27:51 Talk break
01:29:04 Elysia Crampton – After Woman (For Bartolina Sisa) (featuring Rabit) (from Elysia Crampton Presents: Demon City)
01:34:29 Ak’chamel – Ancestral Incest (from Transmissions From Boshqa)
01:39:10 Preoccupations – Sense (from Preoccupations)
01:40:09 Be – The Journey (from One)
01:59:01 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (November 28, 2016)



Not sure what’s more exciting: new Demdike Stare, new Eli Keszler, new Tape Loop Orchestra, or the discovery of J. William Parker. Either way, this episode is fuckin stacked.


AGB Radio 2016/11/28

Background music: Astoria Sound – Anomie (from Astoria Sound)

00:00:00 Quicksails – Valley Voice (from Mortal)
00:04:45 Talk break
00:05:51 Demdike Stare – Hardnoise (from Wonderland)
00:16:25 Mika Vainio – A Memory Returning Inexplicably (from Mannerlaatta Soundtrack)
00:30:04 Talk break
00:30:43 Silent Servant – Self-Hypnosis (from Hypnosis In The Modern Age Vol. II)
00:37:26 Max Cooper featuring Kathrin deBoer – Impermanence (from Emergence)
00:44:03 J. William Parker – There Used To Be An Empire Here (from Shadowmen)
00:48:10 Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Black As Grace (from Bonnie “Prince” Billy II)
00:51:37 Eli Keszler – The Immense Endless Belt Of Faces (from Last Signs Of Speed)
00:59:33 Talk break
01:01:35 Debutante – Schirm (from EP3)
01:09:12 Tape Loop Orchestra – Part Two (from The Invisibles)
01:30:44 Talk break
01:31:36 Maurizio Abate & Matteo Uggeri – Part VII (Breath) (from Beyond Time)
01:38:12 A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Comme On A Dit (from Iris Soundtrack)
01:42:22 Pinkcourtesyphone – Schlaflied (Für PvK) (from Taking Into Account Only A Portion Of Your Emotions)
01:58:58 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (November 21, 2016)


New Mike Weis! An insane Medina & Walsh collab! Plus 4 from White Reeves Productions and 3 from Denovali.


AGB Radio 2016/11/21

Background music: Peanut Twins – Blackout! (Fuckin Opera Shit) (from Blackout! b/w The Peanut Wins)

00:00:00 Pay The Rent – Lower Down (from Soft On Glass)
00:03:14 Talk break
00:04:35 Dwayne Rifle – TKE-1520a 040116 (from Dwayne Rifle)
00:18:35 Forest Management – Revise And Refine (from Shifting)
00:30:36 Supervolcano – Three (from The Vault)
00:35:33 Talk break
00:36:39 Broken Shoulder – Ebata (from Hashiridase)
00:51:27 Roy Montgomery – Riding (from R M H Q: Headquarters)
01:02:12 Talk break
01:03:22 Mike Weis – 19’36” (from Sound Practice)
01:22:49 Heavy Birds – Moon Child (from Drag)
01:28:30 Ezb – Chew (Teh) (from 6 Songs For Listening)
01:31:26 Talk break
01:32:41 Paco Sala – The Loa (from Ko Yo)
01:37:48 Subheim – Forsaken Part II (from Trails)
01:44:13 Blueneck – Hive (from The Outpost)
01:52:14 Medina & Walsh – Deaths Headed Sphinx (from Vault Of Angels)
01:59:00 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (November 14, 2016)


I can’t believe I haven’t played Astronoid yet. Been listening to that record non-stop since June. Also, you need Jeremy Bible’s new 4 hour long release of mega-minimalism. And heads up there’s some new Eluvium!!


AGB Radio 2016/11/14

Background music: K2 – Grinder Sound At 4:30AM (from Crude Soup)

00:00:00 Gnaw Their Tongues – Your Kingdom Shrouded In Blood (from Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent)
00:05:54 Talk break
00:07:27 Astronoid – Up And Atom (from Air)
00:13:44 Infinity Shred – Catch These Blessed Hands (from Long Distance)
00:22:49 Hagazussa – Hexuality Reversal (from Dyspnea: Early Works Compilation)
00:32:46 Talk break
00:34:33 Jeremy Bible – Coma B (from Music For Black Holes)
00:45:20 1991 – No More Dreams III (from No More Dreams)
00:53:04 Rhucle – Orange Coat (from Fantastic Garden)
01:00:21 Talk break
01:01:51 Mind Over Mirrors – Restore & Slip (from Undying Color)
01:08:32 Arsari – E Il Fuoco Si Rifiuta (from Scavare)
01:18:29 Crowhurst – 2.2 (from Black Funeral Atmospheres)
01:31:56 Talk break
01:33:17 Eluvium – Unity Engrossed Forever Supposedly (from Unity Engrossed Forever Supposedly)
01:39:04 Dan Melchior – Black Night (from Black Night/New Morning)
01:52:58 Loscil – Drained Lake (from Monument Builders)
01:59:32 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (November 7, 2016)


Chock fulla the coolest ladies around. Ela Stiles is maybe the most amazing. Claire Singer’s Solas is definitely one of my favorite drone records this year. And Swooning are unbelievably fucking good, filling the hole that Mountain Man left since they only put out one record and that was 6 goddamn years ago.


AGB Radio 2016/11/07

Background music: Mary Halvorson Octet – Old King Misfit (No. 57) (from Away With You)

00:00:00 Marie Davidson – La Femme Écarlate (from Adieux Au Dancefloor)
00:03:43 Talk break
00:05:31 Ela Stiles – Motel Metal (from Molten Metal)
00:14:22 Aloonaluna – Vampirism And Singularity (from The Gilded Hegemony Of Stars)
00:20:26 Sarah Mary Chadwick – The Fire The Torched My Fear (from Roses Always Die)
00:25:39 Chasms – Between The Eyes (from On The Legs Of Love Purified)
00:30:59 Talk break
00:32:12 Maarja Nuut – Sammud (from Une Meeles)
00:33:56 Claire M. Singer – The Molendinar (from Solas)
00:59:32 Talk break
01:01:12 Swooning – Blueberry (from Swooning)
01:06:55 Tanya Tagaq – Summoning (from Retribution)
01:15:50 Sarah Davachi – Soi-Même Comme La Matin (from Dominions)
01:30:16 Talk break
01:31:09 Meredith Monk – Spider Web Anthem (from On Behalf Of Nature)
01:37:11 Laura Cannell – Sheltering Hollows (from Simultaneous Flight Movement)
01:42:23 Maria W. Horn – Fall Of O’Dea (from Magenta)
01:48:41 Ora Cogan – Ground And Grave (from Shadowland)
01:53:56 Weyes Blood – Can’t Go Home (from Front Row Seat To Earth)
01:58:37 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 31, 2016) – Halloween Special


My favorite episode to do of the whole year. I spend way too much time putting this together but it’s so much fun. Like previous years, I give the start and end times for everything because there’s so much going on at once, but unlike previous years, I don’t specifically mention whenever I edited a piece to add reverb or reverse it or slow it down or anything like that because honestly I lost track.

No samples from botched executions this time, but still plenty of murder confessions and assault victim reports, EVP recordings, strange animal sounds, trance breathing, solar wind, abnormal heart beats, plus the usual black ambient, bleak industrial, and nightmare noise. I do my best to make this truly unsettling and I think I at least come close to accomplishing that goal.

You can check out the Halloween Specials from 2015, 2014, and 2013, but 2013 is just like a regular episode. 2014 was when I upped my game and started throwing in shit like the Jonestown Death Tape.



AGB Radio 2016/10/31 – Halloween Special

00:00:00 – 00:04:53 Sophia – Filth (from Spite)
00:04:34 – 00:05:03 Stephen Ettinger – Side A excerpt (from Canine Heart Sounds)
00:04:53 – 00:13:36 Siege Engine – I (from Heart Of A Pig Stuck With Pins And White Thorns)
00:12:57 – 00:13:22 David Berkowitz interview excerpt
00:13:22 – 00:20:09 Trepaneringsritualen – Deathward, To The Womb (from Deathward, To The Womb)
00:14:25 – 00:16:27 Alleluia (from Pictures of Sound – One Thousand Years of Educed Audio: 980-1980)
00:20:02 – 00:32:39 Symphonies Of The Planets 3 excerpt (from NASA Voyager Recordings: Symphonies Of The Planets)
00:20:33 – 00:21:41 2 Letter ‘El’ (from The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations)
00:23:40 – 00:24:46 Roger S. Payne – Slowed Down Solo Whale (from Songs Of The Humpback Whale)
00:25:37 – 00:26:18 Zubi Zuva – Breathing (from Jehovah)
00:25:55 – 00:30:13 Gania And Famu – Funerary Sung-Weeping (from Bosavi: Rainforest Music From Papua New Guinea)
00:26:56 – 00:31:21 Diamánda Gálás – Wild Women With Steak-Knives (The Homicidal Love Song For Solo Scream) excerpt (from The Litanies Of Satan)
00:29:02 – 00:29:46 Stephen Ettinger – Side A excerpt (from Canine Heart Sounds)
00:31:53 – 00:32:12 Edmund Kemper interview excerpt
00:32:12 – 00:38:17 Alvin Lucier – I Am Sitting In A Room excerpt (from I Am Sitting In A Room)
00:32:24 – 00:33:49 Radio Werewolf – Säuberung – (from The Vinyl Solution – Analog Artifacts: Ritual Instrumentals And Undercover Versions)
00:32:59 – 00:38:16, 00:39:18 – 00:43:59 Æther – Edifice Of Nine Sauvastikas (from Edifice Of Nine Sauvastikas)
00:34:21 – 00:38:16 Charles M. Bogert – The Southern Toad, Voice Of Acris Gryllus Dorsalis, & Mating Call Of The Red-Spotted Toad (from Sounds Of North American Frogs)
00:38:19 – 00:39:27 David Zink interview excerpt
00:38:37 – 00:39:27 Juno Listens To Jupiter’s Auroras (from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
00:39:24 – 00:40:54 Maja Ratkje – Acid (from Voice)
00:40:37 – 00:43:13 Claude Johner – Fire! excerpt (from Good Morning, Vietnam)
00:42:13 – 00:48:06 The Lamas Of The Nyingmapa Monastery Of Dehra Dun – Part I excerpt (from Tibetan Ritual: Invocation To The Goddess Yeshiki Mamo)
00:43:13 – 00:48:54 Collin Olan – Rec01 excerpt (from Rec01)
00:44:35 – 00:49:34 Rudi Schneider – Trance-Breathing, Rec. London, England, 1933 (from Okkulte Stimmen – Mediale Musik: Recordings Of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007)
00:48:20 – 00:59:03 Merzbow – Seishi Seppuku Kei (from Music For Bondage Performance)
00:51:02 – 00:54:14 Czech Lady (from The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations)
00:54:32 – 00:54:41 Peter Sotos – Victims excerpt (from Buyer’s Market)
00:56:16 – 01:04:51 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock – Asshole/Snail Dilemma excerpt (from Asshole/Snail Dilemma)
00:56:51 – 00:57:09 Checkingson Sinclair confession excerpt
00:58:13 – 01:02:00 Einer Nielsen – Phantom Stimmen (from Okkulte Stimmen – Mediale Musik: Recordings Of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007)
01:01:48 – 01:08:50 Inade – Jamie Across The Water (from Burning Flesh)
01:07:46 – 01:08:00 Peter Sotos – Victims excerpt (from Buyer’s Market)
01:08:01 – 01:15:21 Stillingskerrkozletskynystrompetrus – Scorched Skeletal Remains (from Death Instruktions)
01:09:55 – 01:17:34 Alvin Lucier – I Am Sitting In A Room excerpt (from I Am Sitting In A Room)
01:16:14 – 01:18:28 NON – A Taste Of Blood (from Blood & Flame)
01:18:14 – 01:25:59 Deutsch Nepal – Holistix: Links Between God And Human (from Deflagration Of Hell)
01:18:31 – 01:18:43 We Originate On A Planet (from The Ghost Orchid: An Introduction To EVP)
01:22:18 – 01:22:29 Peter Sotos – Victims excerpt (from Buyer’s Market)
01:25:19 – 01:35:06 Cities Last Broadcast – Architectôn (from The Cancelled Earth)
01:34:10 – 01:35:05 Triumph Of The Will Soundtrack excerpt
01:34:51 – 01:46:31 Stalaggh – Untitled excerpt (from Projekt Terrror)
01:45:59 – 01:50:24 Agata – Twilight Sinking (from Spike)
01:49:54 – 01:54:59 TRTRKMMR – Side A excerpt (from Avec La Souillure Nous Entrons Au Règne De La Terreur)
01:55:00 – 01:58:29 Paranormal Music, Rec. Liestal, Switzerland, 1968 (from Okkulte Stimmen – Mediale Musik: Recordings Of Unseen Intelligences)
01:55:09 – 01:59:32 Édouard-Léon Scott De Martinville – Phonautograms From 1857 (from Pictures Of Sound – One Thousand Years Of Educed Audio: 980-1980)
01:57:46 – 02:00:00 Stephen Ettinger – Side A excerpt (from Canine Heart Sounds)