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Teeth Engraved With The Names Of The Dead – Starving The Fires (Pt. 1) (Malignant, 2014)

teeth engraved with the names of the dead - starving the fires part 1 album cover
Teeth Engraved With The Names Of The DeadLacerate (Malignant)

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Total fucking depravity. These two dudes, who only have one other physical release to their name, the Kosmiche Deathworship tape on Sol Y Nieve (the first five copies came with deer teeth), put out this 70 minute long death drone monstrosity that delves deep into necro nihilism, full of slow churning bestial static, demonic hypnothrum vaporizing your bones, garbled samples spitting filth at humanity, this travels to some very dark places, a hideous doomed ambient that screams of abandoned hope, at times boiling up to a full on black industrial noise, reaching monolithic fucking heights of caustic horror that knock you on your ass and eat you alive, this is pure fucking evil and every painful, prolonged moment is worthwhile, and something tells me these guys are just getting started. Make sure to snag Cold Ashes, the free companion EP which clocks in around 35 minutes.

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (November 10, 2014)

The new Corleone Records compilation, I Blame Reaganomics, is so fantastic. Definitely scope that one out.

AGB Radio 2014/11/10

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Background music: Astral Social Club – Erotic Meditation (from Fountain Transmitter Medications)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:00:46 High Aura’d with Angel Olsen – Red Rocks (from I Blame Reaganomics)
00:04:31 Work/Death – 20 Questions (from I Blame Reaganomics)
00:08:32 Squanto – Jaffa (Take 1) (from Basement Tropic)
00:19:20 Evan Caminiti – Enshrined (from Coiling)
00:25:46 Arca – Tongue (from Xen)
00:28:40 Talk break
00:30:10 Siavash Amini – What Wind Whispered To The Trees (from What Wind Whispered To The Trees )
00:36:10 Matt Lajoie – Unlifted (from Unlifted)
00:53:41 Ashley Paul – Heat Source (from Heat Source)
00:58:12 Talk break
00:59:20 Richard Skelton – The Black Water (from Form Themselves Into Streams)
01:06:34 Cinchel – The Forest (from Nature (Part 1))
01:19:30 Function & Vatican Shadow – The Nemesis Flower (from Games Have Rules)
01:27:33 Talk break
01:28:26 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Tides VIII (from Tides)
01:37:34 Glass House – Side B (from Haruspex)
01:58:06 Talk break

Album Review

Grasshopper – Dark Sabbath: Symbol Of Evil (Hausu Mountain, 2014)

grasshopper - dark sabbath symbol of evil album cover
GrasshopperInverted Cross Of Satanic Justice (Hausu Mountain)

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New York synth drone trumpet noise duo Grasshopper goes to new heights with Dark Sabbath and it’s a fuckin trip, a noise record wearing a doom cloak, worshiping the dark arts, and turning souls to stone, this is a totally twisted mess of demonic drone that buzzes & hums from the depths of the void, freakish spouts of squelching electronics, and constant pulsing from the unknown dimensions of horror, menacing as fuck and easily capable of driving you mad if you pay close enough attention, there’s a black beast hidden behind all the stretched out static and nauseating cosmic skree, ready to take you to the next level and flip you inside out, an unholy transcendence that is pushed upon you, full of fear, but infinitely grateful of the experience, these dudes have truly outdone themselves, and lucky for us Hausu Mountain gives them the vinyl treatment, which you can (and should) snag next week.

Album Review

Dreamcrusher – Suicide Deluxe (Hausu Mountain, 2014)

dreamcrusher - suicide deluxe album cover
DreamcrusherNovokuznetsk (Hausu Mountain)

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I’d seen Dreamcrusher’s name tossed around here and there and thought “Oh, cool name” but never made it a priority to seek out his tunes. FUCK. You guys, this is unreal. Don’t do what I did. Listen to this now. “Inspired by a vast series of traumatic events,” Suicide Deluxe goes on a fucking technoise rampage, massive beat driven jams that could be jungle or house or glitch or whatever but you’d never know because everything is buried under a hundred layers of caustic grit, totally bombastic and in the red, like someone accidentally got their number one dance mix stuck in a feedback loop and it just grew to inhumane proportions and now we’re being rushed to the ER after coming from the filthiest most crushing blown out party, ear piercing squelches & brain crunching bass that make Pete Swanson sound like Paul Oakenfold, this is complete and utter fucking madness, visceral and nightmarish and just the fucking best, and the volume on this is cranked to infinity, so please please please turn your speakers way the fuck down before you hurt yourself. $7 for the tape if you’re into that kinda thing, or pay what you want over on Bandcamp, so NO EXCUSES.

Album Review

Æther – Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring (Mandragoræ, 2014)

aether - tagzig olmo lung ring album cover
ÆtherStraddling Two Kingdoms (excerpt) (Mandragoræ)

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All your drone needs right here, two fucking hours worth, two songs acting as a “meditation on the ultimate realisation of the the end of flesh,” although not nearly as dark and bleak as that sounds, this is more like the music of life you’d hear while in the womb, slow warm tones shifting in and out of focus, a constant flow of minimalism, major dancing tones and throbbing low end, it’s a monument to the endless cycle of life & death, the mark of peace amidst chaos, this is the religion of Drone incarnate, the Holy Mother of Transcendence, that takes the bare minimum of sound and turns it into an eye-opening otherworldly experience, an absolutely divine record, and pretty much essential for all who worship at the altar of Drone.

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (November 3, 2014)

Extra droney set this time. <3

AGB Radio 2014/11/03

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Background music: Kink Gong – GongAside (from Gongs)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:00:31 Billy Gomberg – The Present Until It’s Tangible (from Certain Words Again And Again)
00:15:22 Sindre Bjerga – No Jazz (from Future Jazz Loops)
00:24:29 Kim Hiorthøy – Hands (from Dogs)
00:28:55 Talk break
00:29:47 Parashi – Fossilized Car (from Tovarich)
00:44:34 Pascal Savy – Aurora (from Adrift)
00:52:28 Hunted Creatures – Whisper Bullets (from Mogollon Rim)
00:58:20 Talk break
00:59:17 Ennio Mazzon – CeriseIcicles (from CeriseIcicles)
01:18:54 Karla Borecky – Structure (from Still In Your Pocket)
01:27:21 Talk break
01:28:14 K’an – Sphere II (from Mutation III: Spheres)
01:31:43 Nathan McLaughlin – Process (from Nothing To Be Sad About)
01:37:04 Chihei Hatakeyama – Lydia (from Winter Storm)
01:58:21 Talk break

Out of Print

October OOPs: Pino Donaggio – Tourist Trap Soundtrack (Varèse Sarabande, 1979)

tourist trap soundtrack album cover

Download Pino Donaggio – Tourist Trap Soundtrack

The final in my October OOPs series for this year, this is Pino Donaggio’s score for Tourist Trap, which just made number 38 in FACT’s 100 Greatest Horror Soundtracks. Personally, I would’ve ranked it much higher. This is absolutely fantastic stuff, with crazy creepy vocals and harpsichord sounds, and the main title has all sorts of sound effects, wood blocks, and slide whistles, just fucking bizarre. Definitely one of the better horror scores I’ve heard.

Out of Print

October OOPs: Tony Schwartz On How To Record The Sound Of Children (Capitol Custom, 1967)

sound of children album cover

Download Tony Schwartz On How To Record The Sound Of Children

So this might not immediately seem like an appropriate record for my spooky October OOPs series, but when you hear the B side that’s filled with children reciting prayers and talking about God, you’ll probably change your mind because that shit is just too weird. The A side has some actual educational stuff from Tony, but he’s completely absent from the B side. This is especially creepy if you already have an aversion to children but should still freak you out even if you’re a fan of kids. Also, I can’t help but note how cute/pervy that dog is.

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 27, 2014) – Halloween Special

So much fuckin fun with this one. Lots of weird samples overlaid with crazy noise & drone, shit played backwards, etc. Went for a nightmare vibe with the added (self imposed) challenge of not playing any black metal/doom/extreme metal or horror film scores. Did a pretty decent job, I think. I included the end times for the individual tracks because sometimes I’d play two things at once and an entire song would start and stop all within the span of another song, so it probably would’ve gotten confusing for you to follow along.

Happy Halloween!

AGB Radio 2014/10/27

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00:00:00 – 00:11:28 Brandon Nickell – Übermensche (from The World Is A Refuge From Perfection)
00:00:32 – 00:11:50 Anton LaVey – Satanism (from The Occult Explosion)
00:11:23 – 00:18:45 Phurpa – Fundamental Mantra Of Bon (from Trowo Phurnag Ceremony)
00:18:42 – 00:25:37 Side B (excerpt) (from The Language And Music Of The Wolves narrated by Robert Redford)
00:22:24 – 00:25:43 Jim Jones – The Jonestown Death Tape (excerpt) (from FBI No. Q042)
00:25:37 – 00:32:00 Patrick Emm – Sleep Eater (from Trash Playback Forms)
00:31:56 – 00:46:57 Xela – Recitation (from Exorcism)
00:46:07 – 00:50:27 Nate Young – Dread (2nd half played in reverse) (from Regression)
00:50:15 – 01:06:54 Culver – An Oath (from Gateshead Graves)
00:52:18 – 00:57:58 Glossolalia – Psalms And Prayer No. 5 (from The Gift Of Tongues)
00:59:22 – 01:03:44 Èlg – Hoteru (from La Chimie)
01:05:38 – 01:14:15 Solo Andata – Carving (from Ritual)
01:08:02 – 01:16:11 Jandek – It’s Your House (excerpt) (from Put My Dream On This Planet)
01:14:53 – 01:22:01 Grasshopper – Inverted Cross Of Satanic Justice (from Dark Sabbath: Symbols Of Evil)
01:21:27 – 01:41:27 Glottalstop – Side B (from Woodsmoke)
01:25:01 – 01:32:31 Side B (excerpt) (from Tony Schwartz On How To Record The Sound Of Children)
01:36:16 – 01:44:37 Nawa – Fasel Al Sawi & Fasel Kesmet Al Sawi (played in reverse) (from Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs From Aleppo)
01:41:14 – 01:44:56 Side B (excerpt) (from Voices Of The Loon)
01:44:22 – 01:57:59 Cvbe Ov Falsehood – Upon The Stillness, Manifest (from II)
01:45:44 – 01:49:00 Church Universal And Triumphant, Inc. featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Decree 12.10 (excerpt) (from The Sounds Of American Doomsday Cults)
01:49:43 – 01:56:47 Rambutan – Reshaped Dream (from Temple Of Echo)
01:56:47 – 02:00:00 Aaron Martin – Wires Of Glass (from Worried About The Fire)

Out of Print

October OOPs: Ehnahre – The Man Closing Up (Sound Devastation, 2008)

ehnahre - the man closing up album cover

Download The Man Closing Up

Absolutely ridiculous doom specked with some death & black metal featuring a few Kayo Dot folks, this is some of the weirdest doom you’ll ever hear, ominous & fucking devastating, with a violin & trumpets, and scary as fuck. Lyrics are taken straight from the five parts of Donald Justice’s poem The Man Closing Up, which you can read here.

Album Review

Elisa Ambrogio – The Immoralist (Drag City, 2014)

Elisa Ambrogio - The Immoralist album cover

No stream here, Drag City’s got the whole album up on Soundcloud via Impose, check it there

I’m admittedly a little late to the Magik Markers game (which is shameful since they’re a localish band), I’ve only been jamming them for a few years, but got hooked real quick, and am always jonesin for more (the Arbitrary Signs page helps with that), so when I heard Elisa Ambrogio, singer/guitarist for MM, was dropping her solo debut, I got pretty fuckin psyched and was hoping for more MM-tinged garagey goodness that was maybe a bit more stripped down, and that’s exactly what I got on The Immoralist, and while there’s a couple songs that sound like the could’ve come from an actual MM record, for the most part it’s like a bedroom pop daydream of MM, with Ambrogio taking charge of everything, cleaning up the fuzzed out rock a bit and showing off her soft side, layered vocals harmonizing with herself, going for the deep 60s psych pop where you can be a total fuckin weirdo and it doesn’t seem out of place in the slightest, throwing down melancholic piano ballads alongside catchy Top 40 celebrations, this is both a joyful summer slam and awkward bittersweet downer, where Ambrogio travels merrily down memory lane, and closes the record with the lyric “Nothing new would live if nothing died,” which in one short phrase encompasses the whole feeling of The Immoralist, gettin high on those shitty feelings and not letting life’s despair bog you down, and that’s basically what I strive for, so Ambrogio fucking nails it with this one and it’s just as good as, if not better than, the best MM records, just in a different way, something I’m pretty sure everyone should be and wants to be spinning basically non-stop.

Album Review

Rivulets – I Remember Everything (JellyFant Schallplatten, 2014)

rivulets - i remember everything album cover
RivuletsInto The Night (JellyFant Schallplatten)

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I fucking love this record. Everything about it. Rivulets, aka Nathan Amundson (backed here by a very capable bunch), has been steadily releasing incredible records that somehow still fly under the radar, even if they’re on high profile labels like Important (We’re Fucked from 2011 was just outstanding). I think this might be the one to break Rivulets out of the glass ceiling, though, even though it’s on a German label (but available stateside on the cheap), because it would be a goddamn travesty if anything this good came & went largely unnoticed.

This isn’t normally my thing, the singer-songwriter Americana country-ish thing a la Will Oldham, Bill Callahan, or Jason Molina (who gets his own tribute here with “Ride On, Molina”), but this is slower, sadder, weirder, and injects some psych & folk into the mix, but even then, on paper, I’d be like ok cool but I’m not going out of my way to hear it or anything. For some reason, though, I see strong similarities to drone king Kyle Bobby Dunn, two pained romantics making slow-sad-core, one going the drone route, the other down Americana lane, so regardless of your taste in music, this is 100% worth seeking out.

I Remember Everything starts out with “Reinforced / Delicate” whose lyrics are “And it’s reinforced, and it’s delicate. I’m not delicate. Are you ready now?” (which are the only lyrics in the whole song), so it sounds like you stumbled into the middle of a jam session, I mean who starts a record with “…and?” And the the songs are structurally straightforward, no tricks or whistles, they’re minimal, repetitive, & hypnotic, sometimes the song is essentially a repeated chorus (see “Reinforced / Delicate”), sometimes (not always) short and like a brilliant one-off idea with only a vague beginning and end, the full band equivalent of notes on a napkin, and all of this works so goddamn well. Where Rivulets truly shines, though, is mood & sound. This is some sad fuckin stuff, not like Giles Corey levels of depression, but definitely bummed out (lyrics like “My favorite drug is sleep”) and a little bit pissed (“Isn’t it time you found your own place to ruin?”), it’s dark but not too dark, and the sound is really what gets me, it sounds like Amundson is at the bottom of a canyon with his rich voice and rusty guitar echoing down the cliff sides, sounding simultaneously huge and intimate, and it deeply resonates with me, not so much metaphorically (although that too), but physically, like the chords, tones, and drones are tuned to the frequency of my body, everything in this just feels and sounds so right to me, I just can’t get enough of it, the resonance is too strong, and it all adds up to a perfect fucking record.


Questions For Foie Gras

foie gras interview press shot

Photography by Mutedfawn / Wardrobe by Aoi Kotsuhiroi


The subtle tour de force Foie Gras, one of my favorite ladies in the drone game who recently released that stellar Held record, offers the perfect balance between light & heavy in this Q&A, talking about death by wolves alongside quoting Rihanna.

What is the best way to die?
While avenging someone’s death, spontaneously combusting or wolves.

Probably wolves.

How do you think you’ll die?
I’ll live until the world explodes.

I’m not dying unless everyone is coming with me.

Though my family is convinced that I’ll die by picking a fight with the wrong person.

What makes you happy?
Golden Retrievers, the Flenser, jogging, terrible puns, nice clothes, nice people.

How can you die happy?
I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

I guess by wearing something nice and knowing one’s passing won’t ruin someone else’s life.

How close have you come to death?
I am death.

What does kindness mean to you?





An open heart and an open mind.

Keeping one’s cool… without expecting a reward.

Where do you find love?
In a hopeless place… at least that’s what Rihanna tells me.

When were you most afraid?
When I was a child. I quickly grew out of that though.

How do you listen to music?
In motion. Only when I’m in motion. I can’t sit still long enough to enjoy an album (except for Earth II by Earth or literally anything by Chubby Wolf/Celer). I have to be doing something with my hands or walking or exercising etc.

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 20, 2014)

So much amazing new stuff this week. Rivulets, Gazelle Twin, Dreamcrusher, Francis Bebey, Andy Stott, Skullflower…

AGB Radio 2014/10/20

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Background music: Aphex Twin – XMAS_EVET10 (Thanaton3 Mix) (from Syro)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:01:07 Rivulets – Reinforced / Delicate (from I Remember Everything)
00:05:21 Xylouris White – Psarandonis Syrto (from Goats)
00:09:53 Francis Bebey – Bissau (from Psychedelic Sanza 1982-1984)
00:13:28 Vashti Bunyan – Holy Smoke (from Heartleap)
00:18:11 Giulio Aldinucci – Fieno (from Aer)
00:26:55 Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd – Curious (from White Bird In A Blizzard)
00:30:10 Talk break
00:32:25 Cut Hands – Damballah 58 (from Festival Of The Dead)
00:39:03 Fudgers – RIP KITTEN (from Baby Aunt Scandal)
00:40:45 Gazelle Twin – Good Death (from Unflesh)
00:44:04 Pharmakon – Intent Or Instinct (from Bestial Burden)
00:52:33 Dreamcrusher – Hypernova Bloodbatch (from Suicide Deluxe)
01:01:08 Talk break
01:02:35 Andy Stott – Violence (from Faith In Strangers)
01:09:09 Black Rain – Xibalba Road Metamorph (from Dark Pool)
01:14:35 Fripp & Eno – Softy Gun Poison (from Live In Paris 28.05.1975)
01:27:03 Mike & Cara Gangloff – Cherry River Line (from Black Ribbon Of Death, Silver Thread Of Life)
01:32:03 Talk break
01:33:41 Sophia Loizou – Archaea (from Chrysalis)
01:38:33 Mondo Lava – Jubilee (from Parrot Head Cartridge)
01:44:19 Skullflower – Dakshinikalika (from Draconis)
01:59:12 Talk break

Out of Print

October OOPs: The Language And Music Of The Wolves narrated by Robert Redford (Tonsil, 1971)


Download The Language And Music Of The Wolves

A whole record of wolves howling, barking, talking, and growling, this is perfect October OOPs material. The A side has wolf sounds mixed with some educational narration courtesy of Robert Redford talking about wolves and shit, then the B side is completely uninterrupted wolf field recordings.