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Halfway Through 2014: Look At All These Killer Fucking Records I Missed

No need to rehash the stuff I’ve already written about with a mid-year best of list. Once a year is plenty. And sometimes (ok all the time) it’s hard to keep up with all the supremely excellent releases that come out. And sometimes it’s easier to just bang out a bunch of mini(ish) reviews all at once so I don’t feel like I’m trapped under a stack of promos that’s ready to cave in on me. So here’s the awesome shit that came out this year (one was originally released on CD last year but put out on vinyl this year so whatever) that I didn’t have time to get around to. Each and every one of these is fantastic enough to have deserved their own individual review but oh well, so it’s likely more than one of these will end up on my year end Top Drone list. And while some of these records have already gotten more than enough coverage elsewhere, they’re all just too good for me to ignore. But I’m sure you’ll be able to find some stuff in here you haven’t heard yet.

Also, if record on here was self released, chances are it’s available for pay what you can on Bandcamp, so get excited.

The technically unranked list of 20 is below the jump so as not to clog up the front page.


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Album Review

Claypipe – A Daylight Blessing (MIE, 2014)

claypipe - a daylight blessing album cover

ClaypipeShed Your Clothes And Feel The Sun (MIE)

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Claypipe is not a new band (although new to me, thanks MIE!), it’s the output of renowned New Zealanders Antony Milton & Clayton Noone and this is their seventh record, so if you’ve heard either of their work or heard anything from Milton’s PseudoArcana label, then you might know what you’re getting yourself into here and have probably already started looking for a copy to cherish in your arms forever. This record is the most perfect blend of drone & pop you could imagine, à la Benoit Pioulard’s recent stuff, although A Daylight Blessing is much more warbled & fuzzy, stretched out drones & easy going chords wrapped up in gauze and soaking in the sun, everything is muffled under decayed hissing tape, turning the blissful & serene into something just a hair unsettling, the shimmer jangle propped up on a sobering melancholy, distant vocals echoing down canyons with a soft scattering of sounds teeming with life, an absolutely beautiful and enchanting record, only 300 copies pressed up by MIE and officially out as of yesterday, so get a move on.

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Sarin Smoke – Vent (MIE, 2012)

Sarin Smoke – Atmen Ein (MIE)

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Not like yall haven’t heard about this yet but I’m just doing my due diligence so it reaches as far & wide as possible. This is a fucking hellbeast of a record. Tom Carter & Pete Swanson teamed up for some 6 string feedback & tortured electronics that sound like they’re being spawned from the core of the goddamn sun. Swanson’s new technoise aesthetic is found all over this, just sans beats, and Carter’s guitar is either jamming the best Americana sprawl or throwing on a Swanson suit and making the strings completely indistinguishable from the electronics. Superb drones salvaged from the Dust Bowl and left out to bake in Death Valley, crusted over in a layer of caustic bliss, scorched alarm calls & nauseous jet engine hum, star worshipping reverb & meditative resonance, the enjoyment factor on Vent is through the fucking roof. So insanely good. Definitely don’t want to miss this.

Side note: Tom Carter has some crazy medical bills from when he got pneumonia while touring overseas earlier this year. A fund was set up to help ease the financial pain, The Robert Thomas Carter Irrevocable Trust, which you can just flat out donate to, but you can also just buy this record. All proceeds from Vent will go to the Trust, so buy a few copies to give out as birthday gifts or something.

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Chord – Gmaj7 (MIE, 2012)

ChordStasis (MIE)
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Strictly for the hardcore minimalists. These Chicago dudes play long form pieces off of single chords, and they play hard. This is the kind of power drone that transports. Gmaj7 has two side long pieces, two sides of the same coin, the first being a deep and detailed mind expander that pauses about 3/4 of the way through and turns into a dark & heavy many-layered wall of bliss. The B side is the first time these guys brought in some drums, so it’s perhaps a bit too dynamic for you purists, but it’s an elegant transition and it works beautifully, an uplifting and immersive track that builds organically to a lush, euphoric climax, sounding like a fuckin drone rockstar. I’m not sure how Chord haven’t already joined the ranks of modern minimalists like Sun Circle, but hopefully they’re on their way. Maybe Gmaj7 won’t be the one to vault them to the top due to its badass drums, but this is an absolutely killer slab of drone nonetheless. Drops next week on some sexy limited vinyl with handscreened jackets thanks to MIE.