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October OOPs: Ehnahre – The Man Closing Up (Sound Devastation, 2008)

ehnahre - the man closing up album cover

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Absolutely ridiculous doom specked with some death & black metal featuring a few Kayo Dot folks, this is some of the weirdest doom you’ll ever hear, ominous & fucking devastating, with a violin & trumpets, and scary as fuck. Lyrics are taken straight from the five parts of Donald Justice’s poem The Man Closing Up, which you can read here.

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October OOPs: Light – A Million Dead Beneath The Ice (self released, 2008)

light - a million dead beneath the ice album cover

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Before the folks in Book Of Sand were doing that avant black metal thing, they were doing this avant doom thing as Light. They put out three releases, and A Million Dead Beneath The Ice was the first, it came packaged in white folded paper with a bit of menstrual blood smeared on it, and the music was just fucking ridiculous, menacing faux organ, wall of static distortion, glacial hollow percussion, and tortured howling from the depths of hell, this is a slow droning slab of noisy old school doom with a tinge of Americana thrown in on the last song, absolutely horrific stuff, it’s perfect.

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Tecumseh – Violet (Anti-Matter, 2014)

TecumsehSerenade For The Dead (Anti-Matter)

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This Portland trio (Ian Hawk, Jeremy Long, and John Krausbauer) has been pretty dormant of late (their last release was in 2011) and now all of a sudden they’ve got two new records out on Anti-Matter, this 30 minute LP Violet and the For The Night 10″, so yay! but regardless whether this is a sign of things to come or they’ll just hide out for another few years, this new stuff is the fucking besssst, Violet diving deep into the minimal drone via heavy dark doom vibes, this is like Sunn O))) minus the metal and laid up on downers, sorta like that Culver record on Fabrica from last year but way louder, funereal tonal shifting that’s absolutely fucking massive, a monolithic drone that roars in your head and rattles you to your core, but doing so without too much crunch or abrasive grit, so while this is evil as fuck, it’s also kinda soothing, like being inside a mausoleum reverberating from a constant rolling thunder, mega monstrous minimalism for those sleepless nights spent watching demons crawl up the wall, this is just fucking spectacular, and fyi For The Night is just as good, so do yourself a favor and scoop up both of these limited leviathans, if for no other reason than being able to see that beautiful eyefuck of an album cover (by Tauba Auerbach) in person.

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Blood Bright Star – The Silver Head (King Of The Monsters / Ascetic House, 2014)

Blood Bright Star - the silver head album cover
Blood Bright StarPale Sphere Apparition (King Of The Monsters / Ascetic House)

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My first introduction to Reuben Sawyer’s music as Blood Bright Star was on the excellent split 7″ with High Aura’d on Anti-Matter, after that I couldn’t wait for a new full length and this thing fucking delivers, a mystifying blend of motorik psych and mellow doom, this is refreshingly original shit that’s absolutely fucking brilliant, with deep grooves conjuring dusty demons, wobbly buzzing guitars and even wobblier vocals, this is the sound of a desolate seance, a shaman who’s out of his mind in the middle of nowhere, jamming hard on the occult vibes and going to shadowy places I’ve never heard of, never escalating into anything transcendent or overwhelming but rather a slow burning fog that feels like it’s warping your brain with every passing moment, this is magick of the highest order, and The Silver Head being his second full length, Blood Bright Star is only getting started, I can’t fucking wait to see this project develop.

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Dama/Libra – Claw (Northern Spy, 2014)

dama libra - claw album cover
Dama/LibraStravinsky (Northern Spy)

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Holy fuck this collab is immeeeense, Silkworm vet Joel Phelps and G. Stuart Dahlquist formerly from Sunn O))) and now Asva got together and made something way more than that math has any right to add up to, Phelps’ vocals that sound so much better with Asva style gloom than any of Asva’s previous collabs and any of Phelps’ previous stuff, including Silkworm, so yeah I’m saying this is maybe the best work either guys have been involved in (well not including Sunn O))) because come on), this is a droning brooding hulk of avant doomed orchestral majesty, the darkness offering an easy passage to the other side, soft, smooth, and easy to swallow, but still heavy and fuckin weird, the organs sounding like a dungeon’s lobby music, guitars, drums, pianos, and everything else within reach aching & bellowing from the deep, crazy samples of thunder cracks and cheering children, resonant, moaning vocals floating out from misty crypts and hallowed cathedrals, at once beautiful, powerful, & super emotional, then it ventures into catchy indie pop territory with steel drums and shit that manages to come off as anything but cheesy, an inexplicably enjoyable record that is seriously fucking bizarre in the best possible way, eerie and dark as fuck but something you could probably toss on while the normal friends visit and you wouldn’t get too many weird looks, I honestly have no idea how this record got made or what went through their minds when making it, this is the most original music I’ve heard in a long fucking time, and I’ll be pretty much devastated if these dudes don’t put out any more records together.

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Gog – Gog (King Of the Monsters, 2014)

gog album cover
GogThe Lies, They Want To Give You Something (King Of The Monsters)

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Muther. Fucken. GOG. This dude rules all. Everything he’s done has been the highest caliber black drone metal and his newest self titled release on the ever trustworthy KOTM takes shit to the next level. Things are way rowdier than before, less drone (but also more drone?), more songy songs, even pianos & vocals (with Francesca Marongiu of Agarttha & Architeuthis Rex lending her incredible voice to one track), the heavy doom is amped up, cranked to 11, and absolutely mono-fuckin-lithic, serious blown out darkness spewed from a core of pure fury & pain, the black metal blacker and metaller than it’s ever been, Gog transformed into a dynamic beast capable of droning silent voids of non-existence and unholy squalls roaring from the depths of despair, listen to this at maximum volume and be prepared for a true pummeling, this is a wholly unique record, and as a Gog fan, I can safely say it’s my favorite thing he’s ever released. Only 300 copies pressed, and if you’re unfamiliar with Gog or KOTM, know that this will not stick around long.

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Ambarchi, O’Malley, & Dunn – Shade Themes From Kairos (Drag City, 2014)

ambarchi omalley dunn - shade themes from kairos album cover
Ambarchi, O’Malley, & DunnShade Themes From Kairos (Drag City)
No audio, I’m not allowed to post anything yet. A video will be released soon though so keep an eye out for it.

Three dudes who hardly need an introduction, Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O’Malley, and Randall Dunn, have come together for what was originally supposed to be the score to the short Belgian film Kairos but evolved way beyond that into this 2xLP of harrowing dark ambient, a subtly menacing record that merges the already outstanding collaborative work between O’Malley’s guitar and Ambarchi’s electronics with Dunn’s perfect percussion, Shade Themes From Kairos walks the dark side of life, showing us all manner of occult & macabre, smoke & magik, ruins & rituals, truly penetrating music that ebbs & flows with soft skittering, bombastic nightmares, effortless drifts, enchanting vocals, devastating feedback, sonorous drone, and unholy freakouts, sights never before seen are laid in front of you, monolithic & unyielding, the sound of kingdoms fallen and souls forgotten, this is incredible fucking stuff, a truly magnificent record. I know these guys are pretty prolific but this one is not to be missed. And look at the fucking artwork by Denis Kostromitin I mean come on.

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Planning For Burial – Desideratum (The Flenser, 2014)

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}
Planning For BurialWhere You Rest Your Head At Night (The Flenser)

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After a ton of EPs and tapes and singles and splits and experiments, Planning For Burial, aka Thom Wasluck, finally follows up his 2010 debut LP Leaving with this second magnificent beast of a record (and his first foray into vinyl). Thom is the gloomiest bastard I know and Desideratum showcases that perfectly, this is beautifully depressing shit, taking the monstrous shoegazed metal from Leaving and building on it with the tender low-key sadness from other releases like Quietly, he’s turned a wild mix of styles & genres including doom, slowcore, black metal, drone, gothwave, and everything else into a patented buzzing darkness that’s loud as fuck and just pure fucking excellence, overwhelming in sound and emotion, bleak walls of noise that build and crumble, huge waves swelling & crashing against cliffsides in a foggy storm, it’s blissful and devastating in the best way possible. If you dug Leaving as much as I did, rest assured Desideratum will not disappoint. It’s PFB at his best and it will fucking destroy you.

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Fatalism – Mystery Of Death (Eternal Death, 2014)

fatalism - mystery of death album cover
FatalismIsabelle (Eternal Death)

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Holy fuck this is some next level shit. Debut record from this duo featuring members of One Master and Morgirion playing some heavy dreamy gloom, mixing up elements of black metal, shoegaze, darkwave, and doom, giving it a (high) potential of sounding bland or generic but comes out sounding wholly unique and goddamn perfect. Just 4 songs, but each one fucking rocks, with echoing unintelligible vocals that blur into a hypnotic chant, this stuff is bleak, hard, and somehow still kinda catchy, ethereal buzzing guitars drifting through foggy cemeteries and then BAM a wall of blast beats to crush your soul, this burrows deep into your subconscious similar to that Charnel House’s Black Blood from last year, but this gets way more rowdy. Seriously, this is a killer fucking record. Hits all the right spots. Definitely keep an eye on this band.


hell - iii album cover contest

Hell’s epic trilogy has sadly come to an end, but holy motherfuck what an end it is. III is pretty much everything you’d want in a doom record, mournful guitars bookending both side long pieces of pure devastation, a bleak blackened fury, nightmarish and fucking massive.

The record got the usual luxe treatment from Pesanta Urfolk, nice thick black/blood red vinyl with a large fold-out poster and an insert. Only 472 copies made and already sold out from both the band and the label. The whole thing is streaming on Hell’s Bandcamp, so feel free to scope it out before entering the contest.

To enter, just send an email to hellcontest@antigravitybunny.com by the end of Friday. If you win, you’ll be the gloomiest kid in town.

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Insect Ark – Long Arms (Geweih Ritual Documents, 2013)

insect ark - long arms album cover
Insect ArkLift Off (Geweih Ritual Documents)

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So I’m a little late on the pickup with this one, but only a little, and if this is the first you’re hearing of Insect Ark, fear not! you’re not alone, it was flying below the radar for a bit. This is the solo efforts of Dana Schechter (of Bee And Flower, The Angels Of Light) and from what I can tell, Long Arms is her first release that’s not a 7″, although it’s only a 10″ EP so there’s still no proper full length yet. But goddamn this 10″ already has me craving more. Long Arms is made from just a lapsteel, bass, synth, and a sampler, it’s a dark doom drone that’s heavy on the psych, sprawling moon howling jams that that’ll raise the dead, a shuffling jangle perfectly at home in the Wild West running under eerie stretched guitar & humming feedback, this is snarling, desolate, and fuckin evil, with menacing badassery written all over it. Listening to this while walking anywhere gives you instant swagger. And the packaging on this is super sexy, hand numbered, screen printed, fold up envelope style cardboard, and limited to 500, you really can’t go wrong with this.

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Culver – Gateshead Graves (Fabrica, 2013)

culver - gateshead graves album cover
Culver – How She Cut Herself (Fabrica)

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Fabrica is on one hell of a streak this year, with killer releases from Aeronaut and Rambutan that’ve already blown my mind, and now this new LP from Culver (aka Lee Stokoe) that’s out of this fucking world. Two side long pieces of dark drone minimalism peaking at critical mass, sentient feedback that couldn’t be any heavier, humungous slabs of bone pulverizing vibrations, crank this thing on Satan’s stereo and your soul will evacuate your body seeking sanctuary in the fiery pits of hell, this is serious crater making thrum, the sound of stars colliding and the infinitely dense black hole that ensues, the roar of a monolith mixed with the mind bending bleakness found in the endless stretch of wastelands, static & near motionless crumbling of pure black minimalism, the sound of all that’s left after the universe reversed back into the Big Crunch, total void, absolute nothing, and motherfucking perfection incarnate.


Dark Cloud Rising

I couldn’t just do a Halloween special on AGB Radio (tonight from 7-9 EST on BFF.fm!), I had to make a creep filled mix especially for you guys. However you party, this will be the perfect score for your Halloween.
Dark Cloud Rising
1. Mississippi Fred McDowell – Dark Cloud Rising
2. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
3. Wilt – She Walks The Night
4. The Sensational Whirlwinds – (Make Old) Satan Leave Me Alone
5. Have A Nice Life – The Parhelic Circle
6. Wreck & Reference – Abhorrence
7. Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch – Owl Cave
8. Florida-Alabama Progressive Seven-Shape-Note Singing Convention – God’s Gonna Set The World On Fire
9. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Maximum Black
10. The Angelic Process – Welcome To Oblivion
11. John Carpenter – The Fog
12. Lonnie Johnson – Lonesome Ghost Blues
13. Jasper TX – Black Sleep Part IV
14. Robert Johnson – Hellhound On My Trail
15. Avgrunden – The Gate Of A Hundred Sorrows
16. Rev. I. B. Ware – I Wouldn’t Mind Dying
17. Empire Auriga – Waiting For The Fall
18. The Pod – Collecting Dust

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Fórn – Fórn (self released, 2013)

Fórn album cover
FórnCoiled, Alone (self released)

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A short but devastating debut EP from these new Boston dudes, checking in at a little under 14 minutes, with two songs of mega-doom, monolithic & heavy as fuck, a chunky, lumbering beast dredging up graves, the real action coming in on the 9+ minute “Dasein” where the noise gets pumped up and shit gets slowed down to a funereal dirge of growling fury, huge walls of horror sounding like these dudes summoned open the mouth of hell and recorded the unholy descent as they got swallowed up, then it breaks into a sludgy stomper once they hit fire bottom, the rock of pure fucking death, gruesome & grim metal that’ll bring out the brutal bastard in everyone, this is the best kind of debut, a tease of the excellence to come with killer artwork by Bryan Proteau of Natvres Mortes Illvstration, don’t miss out on this, these guys are definitely goin places.

CONTEST: Win Rorcal’s Világvége On Vinyl

rorcal - vilagvege contest
Rorcal’s Világvége is so fucking amazing, I need to make sure at least one of you guys has a copy. So I’m gonna give one away.

WIN IT: Show me your best bunny. Cute ones, disapproving ones, big ones, tiny ones, floppy ones, sassy ones… draw it, find a picture, take a picture, I don’t care, just give me bunnies. Comment on this post with a link to the bunny image of your choosing before Sunday, 4/14, at midnight/11:59 pm, and you might win a copy of the best metal record this year.

RULES: Multiple submissions are welcome & encouraged but probably won’t increase your chances of winning. Who knows, though.

Gifs are great, videos are not.

If you find a great bunny online, you get extra points if I haven’t seen it before (heads up, I’ve seen a lot of bunnies in my internetting).

No real-life sad bunnies. Fake sad bunnies (like this guy) are totally ok.

Make sure when commenting you use an email I can contact you at if you win. Don’t worry, it won’t be published with your comment.
And just fyi, Világvége‘s jacket & sleeve have a slight crease in one of the corners (it arrived that way). It could probably get flattened out over time, though. Just some minor cosmetic stuff that I felt you should know about.

Show me some good bunnies yall.