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hell - iii album cover contest

Hell’s epic trilogy has sadly come to an end, but holy motherfuck what an end it is. III is pretty much everything you’d want in a doom record, mournful guitars bookending both side long pieces of pure devastation, a bleak blackened fury, nightmarish and fucking massive.

The record got the usual luxe treatment from Pesanta Urfolk, nice thick black/blood red vinyl with a large fold-out poster and an insert. Only 472 copies made and already sold out from both the band and the label. The whole thing is streaming on Hell’s Bandcamp, so feel free to scope it out before entering the contest.

To enter, just send an email to by the end of Friday. If you win, you’ll be the gloomiest kid in town.

You Make Me Like Charity

There’s been quite a few charitable music-related things recently and I thought I’d share two of the more important (to me) ones.

when one has nothing left album cover
First up, this 3 hour noise comp called When One Has Nothing Left Make Ceremonies Out Of The Air And Breathe Upon Them. It’s $15 and all proceeds go directly to Stephen Petrus, aka Murderous Vision, the Ohio artist whose home & possessions went up in flames earlier this month. The noise community pulled this shit together real quick, like in a matter of days, to help Stephen get back on his feet. The comp is fuckin killer, ranging from doomed industrial and harsh noise to monodrone and rhythmic dark ambient featuring artists like Hoor-Paar-Kraat, Zurvan, Robert Turman, and a collab between Xiphoid Dementia & Theologian. 28 songs, over 3 hours, and the chance to help a dude who’s down & out.

Heligator logo final
Then there’s Heligator Records, started up by Ryan Hall of Tome To The Weather Machine (a fantastic site if you’re unaware) who recently spent 2 years in Swaziland as a Peace Corps Volunteer who helped create a library and two pre-schools at the Malindza Refugee Camp. The library has over 1,000 books (including resources specifically for the teachers) and a computer, and it serves the refugees who come from all over Africa. Heligator Records is basically a digital singles only thing on Bandcamp. Each song only costs a dollar but they/I would encourage you to donate more because the money goes directly to the library for maintenance & upkeep, as well as some compensation for the two library volunteers. This is a fantastic thing Ryan has set up. Really fucking psyched about it. Oh, and all the music is rad as hell too so there’s that.

Top 20 Drone Records Of 2013

TWENTY!! Goddamn right. The Top Drone list could no longer be contained by the traditional 10. I’m not doing 20 because there was just too much awesome drone this year. While that’s true, it’s also true every year. No, I’m doing it because there were so few standout albums. Everything was so fucking awesome it’s like everyone juiced their skills but were all stopped by a glass ceiling or something. I mean my Top 5 are almost interchangeable. Well, not really, but sort of.

So, as usual, this list is about my personal favorite droners. Nothing objective going on. And, like AGB in general, I tend to favor the under-represented. And I don’t usually allow reissues, but I had to bend the rules a bit for no other reason than that one reissue is so, so fucking good and I didn’t know it was a reissue until I started making this list.

And you know I only write about the highest quality shit. So anything that was posted this year and tagged as Drone is basically just as good as everything you’ll see on this list. So browse that genre if you’re still jonesing for some more drone.

Onto the list!
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AGB Radio Is Back!
Super exciting news you guys. I’m doing a radio show/podcast again! Every Monday night from 7:00-9:00 (EST) on my pal’s internet radio station starting TONIGHT. I’ll be playing the best drone I can get my hands on. Also expect plenty of other killer goodness: massive doom, ancient foreign folk, subtle techno, raw black metal, tender Americana, skull splitting noise, earworm pop, and whatever the fuck else is in rotation at AGB HQ.

I’ll be posting the shows here on the site after they air, so if you miss it on, you can download it here and take it with you everywhere you go.




I’ve been weighed down by some heavy fuckin depression & anxiety issues lately. I feel like I can’t accomplish a single fucking thing, anything that I do is a steaming pile of shit, and it’s making me so tense my body is rebelling against me. Not quite sure how or where that’s going but I know AGB has been stressing me the fuck out. It’s not what I want it to be but I don’t have the time to make it perfect so I spin my wheels and hope it’s enough.

I have so much fucking guilt over it that it affects everything else I do, so I constantly fight myself over whether or not I should shut AGB down. I don’t want to because I love it and I’d hate myself if I did, but then I tell myself maybe it’d be better for my well-being if I pulled the plug. I don’t know if it would or not.

I couldn’t/can’t bring myself to shut it down, but about 2 weeks ago I told myself that I’d put AGB on like a summer hiatus or something. Basically, don’t think about it, don’t do anything with it, just step back, take a deep breath, and wait until something happens. In these past couple of weeks I think I might have felt a little better due in part to trying to keep AGB out of my head, which is why I’m writing this instead of reviewing a new record. I’ve decided the hiatus is real enough to tell you about it and make it a thing.

I’m saying now that I want to come back. My hope is that I’ll figure some shit out or have some realizations or whatever and eventually, at the very least, want to update AGB again because I actually want to and not because I think I need to. I’d still like to do a guide to Hopscotch fest like I did last year because this year’s got some crazy shit in store, but who knows.

When something changes, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, keep well. I’ll see you soon.

AGB Record Bunny Shirts!!

agb shirt 2
For allayall who missed out last year, I’m bringing these back so you can be badass, sexy, and cute all at the same time. Everyone will love you. Pre-orders will be up for about a month, I expect to ship them out early August. Have at it.

Yall Still Like My Tweets?

agb site tweet posts
You’ve probably been seeing a lot of this lately. A few weeks ago I asked you guys if you wanted to see my music related tweets posted to AGB. The general response was “yeah” so here we are. I’ve gotten a bit of informal feedback since then, so I figured it’d be a good idea to see what alla yall thought of tweets overpowering the proper reviews. So here’s a quick little survey. Let me know what you think. thx <3

Fifteen Questions Interview

fifteen questions logo
The wonderful folks over at Fifteen Questions offered to interview me. Very kind of them. I’m sitting alongside Lubomyr Melnyk and Merzbow as the three latest interviews, so I’m not totally sure what I’m doing there, but it’s awesome all the same.

They asked fantastic questions, ones that I’ve already put a lot of thought into long before this interview. What’s my criteria for quality? How important is the local music scene to my site? What are my obligations to my readers? How do I value of music? All sorts of cool stuff, and shit gets real over there. I’m kinda candid, maybe a bit too candid. Hope I didn’t get too dark & serious for yall. Anyway, have a read if you’re so inclined.

CONTEST: Win Rorcal’s Világvége On Vinyl

rorcal - vilagvege contest
Rorcal’s Világvége is so fucking amazing, I need to make sure at least one of you guys has a copy. So I’m gonna give one away.

WIN IT: Show me your best bunny. Cute ones, disapproving ones, big ones, tiny ones, floppy ones, sassy ones… draw it, find a picture, take a picture, I don’t care, just give me bunnies. Comment on this post with a link to the bunny image of your choosing before Sunday, 4/14, at midnight/11:59 pm, and you might win a copy of the best metal record this year.

RULES: Multiple submissions are welcome & encouraged but probably won’t increase your chances of winning. Who knows, though.

Gifs are great, videos are not.

If you find a great bunny online, you get extra points if I haven’t seen it before (heads up, I’ve seen a lot of bunnies in my internetting).

No real-life sad bunnies. Fake sad bunnies (like this guy) are totally ok.

Make sure when commenting you use an email I can contact you at if you win. Don’t worry, it won’t be published with your comment.
And just fyi, Világvége‘s jacket & sleeve have a slight crease in one of the corners (it arrived that way). It could probably get flattened out over time, though. Just some minor cosmetic stuff that I felt you should know about.

Show me some good bunnies yall.

Yall wanna see my tweets?

I’ve been thinking about incorporating my Twitter shit over here on the site and wondering what yall think about it. Lots of options on the how, but I’m mostly leaning towards making individual tweets as new blog posts (as opposed to embedding my Twitter feed somewhere in the sidebar or something). I talk up a ton of stuff on Twitter about records and shit and I’ll never have time to write a full review of all of them, so this would be a way for me to keep recommending awesome stuff to you even if you couldn’t care less about Twitter.

Here’s the sort of stuff you’re missing out on if you’re not following me on Twitter.


Whatcha think? Super fuckin cool or lame as hell? Just leave a quick comment on this post with a yay or nay and we’ll get this thing figured out.

Album Review

You’re All The Fucking Best: Anti-Gravity Bunny 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

5 years ago today, Anti-Gravity Bunny debuted. Since then, I’ve discovered & befriended more insanely talented artists than I even knew existed. These 16 were kind enough to contribute an original piece of music for this celebratory compilation. The artists here span the full 5 years, from my first nerdy drone obsession with Ophibre to 2012′s drone record of the year champ Superstorms. Each & every track is a fucking triumph. If there’s anyone on here you don’t recognize, I implore you to check out their catalog. These guys have literally put out the best fucking records I’ve ever heard and if they’re not sold out yet, buy ‘em all.

You’re All The Fucking Best is a free digital release with exclusive & unreleased music. As is most things on AGB, this is 100% killer drones. Share it with everyone who cares about sound. If you feel like burning it to CD (or rather, two CDs) the appropriate break point is between tracks 12 and 13. Zurvan closes disc 1, High Aura’d kicks off disc 2.

The artwork up there is courtesy of my lady Elise Towle Snow.

I can’t thank you all enough for making Anti-Gravity Bunny worthwhile. This is an accomplishment on every level. You’re the fucking best.

Download You’re All The Fucking Best: Anti-Gravity Bunny 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

1. Ophibre – The Crystal Dulcimer Part I
2. Andrew Weathers – Ain’t No Snow In California
3. Aquarelle – The Thread That Pulls The Hole
4. Superstorms – Balconing
5. Mike Shiflet – Mid-Winter Waltz
6. Benoît Pioulard – Pleas
7. Howard Stelzer – American Music (Part I: Over)
8. Howard Stelzer – American Music (Part II: Preserve)
9. Howard Stelzer – American Music (Part III: Where We Sleep)
10. Howard Stelzer – American Music (Part IV: Song)
11. Lawrence English – On Hold
12. Zurvan – Praevidentia
13. High Aura’d – Hodge’s Lament
14. Planning For Burial – In The Water That Washes Onto the Shore
15. Millipede – Lost Izalith
16. Brendan Murray – My Jam Back In The Day Was Justin Snow For President
17. Brandon Nickell – Shalimar’s Master Is A Scorpion
18. Nicholas Szczepanik – What Remains Of The River
19. Kyle Bobby Dunn – Psaume De Peut-Être

You’re All The Fucking Best – AGB 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

On February 20th, Anti-Gravity Bunny will turn 5 (and I’ll turn 28). From day one on Blogger, AGB has always been first and foremost something I’ve done for myself. No offense to you guys, but I started writing about records because I would get super excited about really cool shit and wanted to share with some anonymous internetters. The fact that there are people out there who cared (and still care) about my enthused incoherent ramblings continues to surprise me.

So AGB has turned into this perfectly symbiotic relationship where we’re both happy and neither of us ask too much of each other. I appreciate that. None of you are exploding my email box asking for more content or wishing I’d get back to my roots (whatever the fuck that would even mean I don’t know) and I just post about records and wet my pants every time I get a comment. It’s like we were made for each other. This mutual kindness deserves acknowledgement and celebration.

I asked some of my most favoritest artists that I’ve discovered & befriended over the past 5 years to contribute an unreleased original piece of music that I would gather into a free digital compilation of new exclusive awesomeness. I’m calling it You’re All The Fucking Best because obviously. This seemed like the perfect gift for both you and me. I can’t even tell you how fucking psyched I am about this. It’s basically the coolest thing ever. That image up there shows you who’s contributed so far (I’m still waiting on a few more but we’re already at an hour and 45 minutes) and let me just tell you that every track is a goddamn slice of heaven.

So this post is just an announcement. The official comp will drop on the 20th (if all goes according to plan). If you’re like me, that means you have 12 days to hyperventilate, shit yourself, and scream your throat raw until you can devour this bitchin comp.

And I would be a total jackass if I didn’t remind yall of the crazy cool show I’m putting on also in celebration of my 5 years. The Saturday after You’re All The Fucking Best gets released, 2/23, it’s party time at PA’s Lounge in Somerville. High Aura’d, Planning For Burial, Giles Corey, and Ehnahre will all be playing. And maybe, mayyyybe, if I can get my shit together, I’ll have a few handmade copies of this comp that I’ll hand out to the first people who show up. How’s that for incentive? This show was already worth the trek regardless of where you’re coming from, now even more so? I can’t even handle this. I’m freaking out just thinking about it. Nothing but good times ahead.

AGB Presents: Giles Corey, Planning For Burial, High Aura’d, Ehnahre at PA’s Lounge

In celebration of AGB turning 5 in February, I’m putting on my first show (with a lot of help from John Kolodij because I’ve never done this shit before). So so so fucking psyched for this lineup. It’s gonna be gloomy madness.

Giles Corey, aka Dan Barrett, aka the driving force of Have A Nice Life, aka Enemies List honcho, is gonna be doing a stripped down set of his spectral folk, maybe playing some HANL songs, maybe some new stuff, but 100% guaranteed to be rad as fuck.

Planning For Burial will be doing a drone set, although every time he’s said that it still ended up caving the fuckin roof in. Always bringing some dark shit.

High Aura’d basically had to play this show. He made my second favorite drone record this year and the dude always fucking delivers live.

Ehnahre are the one band I haven’t seen yet but their records are insane, some dreary jazzy avant metal that’s weird as fuck and unlike anything else. Can’t fuckin wait to see these guys.

You are cordially invited to this dark night of exceptional entertainment on Saturday, February 23, 2013, at PA’s Lounge in Somerville. 9:00. $10. That’s assuming the world doesn’t end in a couple weeks. But either way, we win.

And here’s the Facebook event page if you’re into that sort of thing.

Top 10 Drone Records Of 2012

A couple months ago I was lamenting that 2012 had shit for good drone records. The words of a madman, clearly. This year was chock full of goodness, although to be honest, nothing this year is quite as good as my favorite drone record from 2011, Nicholas Szczepanik’s Please Stop Loving Me, which will always be the best thing ever. Still, there’s tons of amazing drone this year and it was damn near impossible to keep it trimmed to a tidy 10.

I know genre-specific lists are already niche enough, but I decided to give myself a couple new rules to help narrow my focus. First was defining “Drone Record,” which I hadn’t really done before. If you know the site, then you’ll know my drone tag is liberal. I throw that fucker on everything. But to me, for a record to be on a list of drone records, its top-level genre has to be drone. If I was cataloging it by genre, it would have to go under “Drone.” Not “Noise,” not “Black Metal,” not “Doom,” not “Folk.” Those could be sub-genres, just not the main one. This cleared out a lot of records. It meant I couldn’t include Horseback’s Half Blood (probably my favorite non-drone record this year), Gates’ Eintraum, Sutekh Hexen’s Behind The Throne, etc.

Second, I decided no reissues or box sets. I’ve sorta followed this one in the past, but I didn’t want highly publicized massive tomes like William Basinski’s The Disintegration Loops or Pauline Oliveros’ epic 12 disc Reverberations stealing the thunder here.

As you know, I only write about the most top notch shit that gets me super psyched. Every drone record that came out this year and I reviewed should be on this list. So go digging through the drone tag and find the rest that just barely missed the cut. They’re all #11.

10. Moonshine BluesThrough (Hidden Vibes)
“Floating in the grey and rapt in heartache, while sheets & swells of euphoria shimmer in the dark, dragged to the edge of oblivion and left alone…”

One of the best drone releases this year is free. So go download this bleak beast right now and you can feel totally guilt free doing so. And it came out of left field, too. Self released (on his own label), solo Ukrainian guy making some sad fuckin jams, usually as Endless Melancholy, but venturing out into more “ambient” territory as Moonshine Blues. He’s got this blues drone thing down pat and it was more or less an experiment. A+ dude.

9. WastelandersCosmic Despair (Calls & Correspondence / Basses Frequences / Space Idea / Hewhocorrupts Inc.)
“The first few tracks are as depressing as it gets, gloom thick enough to asphyxiate on, solid minimal melancholy that turns your heart into lead and brings gods to tears.”

Gloomy. As. Fuck. The kind of sadness reserved for royalty eulogies & the internal monologue leading to suicides. Long torturous tracks that take the cake for most depressing drones. And super fucking gorgeous.

8. ConcernMisfortune (Isounderscore)
“…nervous nondescript fumbling & fidgeting to keep busy while the drones flutter, then a huge blissful shimmering cloud of hand-wringing uncertainty, slightly transparent and hovering right in front of the sun.”

Edgy box harp drone that’s as jangling as it is soothing. When a drone record has a certain novelty (like an atypical instrument as the primary focus) I usually get sucked in regardless, but this one is outstanding in its own right. A bittersweet swansong from Concern, Misfortune being the last release under that moniker. One of two Isounderscore releases on this list because that label is 100% quality.

7. Andrew Weathers & Andrew MarinoWe Don’t Have Sun Like This (Full Spectrum)
“…always with a delicate tenderness that feels like Weathers is hugging you through your speakers.”

A unique book release with no physical music included. Marino did the photos for the book and Weathers’ tunes come via download. I honestly can’t get enough of Weathers. Everything he does is magic. The absolute perfect blend of folk & drone, he fucking nails it every time. His banjo can do no wrong and his voice is probably the only one that should be allowed to sing over drone.

6. PortraitsPortraits (Important)
“…an impossibly minimal drone that’s almost too beautiful to handle.”

The supergroup to end supergroups (this time it’s true I promise). Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Evan Caminiti, Jon Porras, Gregg Kowalsky, Marielle Jakobsons, and Maxwell August Croy to name about half of them, all working in perfect unison, somehow making harmonies that I still can’t wrap my head around. Long form drones that some work years to achieve, these guys kicked out while they all still have their regular bands & shit going on. Unreal.

5. Kyle Bobby DunnIn Miserum Stercus (Komino)
“…the soft subtleties & elegant dances are still the core, but instead of charming or uplifting, we’re given somber & melancholic, tones dipping into ethereal, haunted dreams…”

Nope, not Bring Me The Head Of…, this one is better because it’s darker and a more unique addition to KBD’s discography. Plus it’s just better. The most beautiful misery I’ve ever heard, overwrought but without tension, intimate & devastating, delicate & harrowing. This is Dunn at the top of his fucking game.

4. EUS, Postdrome, & SaåadSustained Layers (BLWBCK)
“Dense and soaring, black anvil clouds rolling over open plains, always on the edge, seeing the sun rays glow and the grey mass shift, an impending fury that always threatens, never breaks…”

This is beyond gloom. This is as dark as you get before you hit black ambient. It would be downright terrifying if it wasn’t so fucking majestic. And I’d never heard of any of these three guys or the label before. Totally opened my eyes to a new minimal darkness. Supremely awesome.

3. Nicholas SzczepanikThe Truth Of Transience (Isounderscore)
“…a wonderful long form rhythm, it starts out menacing, all horror movie suspense style, with percussive gong-like warnings and imitation bowed cymbals, turning into a loud and blissfully unnerving swirl that eventually fades to nothing…”

Szczepanik put out 3 records this year (this, We Make Life Sad, and Luz, a collab with Federico Durand as Every Hidden Color). And Szczepanik is probably my most favoritest droner right now so why & how the fuck did I chose just one? First, not only did he take the number one spot last year but he was on that list twice (his Ante Algo Azul series couldn’t be skipped). And while this is a totally biased & subjective list, I still feel the need to be a little fair to everyone who’s not Szczepanik. I mean, if he put out 10 records, chances are they’d comprise the whole list, so I tried to restrain myself and only picked one. While Luz is incredible, it didn’t hit me the way his other two did. And We Make Life Sad is one of the most personal and unique albums this year, truly amazing, but I thought I could exclude it due to it being less droney than The Truth Of Transience. Oh, and because Transience is fucking stunning. Out of the three, this one unquestionably wins the gold.

2. High Aura’dSanguine Futures (Bathetic)
“…a foggy midnight journey through the middle of the ocean, with distant muffled canons fighting off some ancient sea beast, mythical & literal sirens wailing, calling with sweetness & alarm, chimes and clatter rattling in the still darkness…”

How the hell did High Aura’d make a record this goddamn good? Seriously, this is amazing in so many ways. Dark & minimal rumblings that breathe soft and threaten your life. I literally can’t imagine him ever making a better record than Sanguine Futures and it’s only his third outing as High Aura’d. I’m pretty sure he will at some point, though, because this dude gets exponentially better with each release. But even if he doesn’t, this is a black star that’ll forever outshine so many other records.

1. SuperstormsSuperstorms (Experimedia)
“Crushed bits and burnt clouds, a blurred fury dipped in bliss, sunsets viewed through a grit lens, a trillion grey sky pixels fractured with the glow shining through, brittle static & warm drones blown out, scratched out, washed out…”

There’s a lot of dark & depressing shit on this list (tough times this past year) but the Number One sidesteps my masochism in favor of something that resonates so profoundly with me. Superstorms crafts the kind of drone that I feel is at my core, the kind of drone I crave more than any other: gritty, blissful, and fucking loud. I feel most at peace when records like this are so loud they obscure everything else in my brain. I can barely stand how fucking awesome Superstorms is. Serious next level drones. I’ve never heard anything else quite like it. I hope that you like this even half as much as I do because FUUUCK I love it too fucking much and the world would be a better place if everyone shared in this stupidly perfect love.

AGB Shirts Are Real!

The massively sexy shirt designed by my wife is now for sale. Head over to the shop to order your own and see it in all its glory.