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October OOPs: The Language And Music Of The Wolves narrated by Robert Redford (Tonsil, 1971)


Download The Language And Music Of The Wolves

A whole record of wolves howling, barking, talking, and growling, this is perfect October OOPs material. The A side has wolf sounds mixed with some educational narration courtesy of Robert Redford talking about wolves and shit, then the B side is completely uninterrupted wolf field recordings.

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October OOPs: Light – A Million Dead Beneath The Ice (self released, 2008)

light - a million dead beneath the ice album cover

Download A Million Dead Beneath The Ice

Before the folks in Book Of Sand were doing that avant black metal thing, they were doing this avant doom thing as Light. They put out three releases, and A Million Dead Beneath The Ice was the first, it came packaged in white folded paper with a bit of menstrual blood smeared on it, and the music was just fucking ridiculous, menacing faux organ, wall of static distortion, glacial hollow percussion, and tortured howling from the depths of hell, this is a slow droning slab of noisy old school doom with a tinge of Americana thrown in on the last song, absolutely horrific stuff, it’s perfect.

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October OOPs: The Mausoleums – Blackened Fawns Cleanse The Earth With Fire (Chinese Workers Labor Union, 2008)

mausoleums - blackened fawns cleanse the earth with fire album cover

Download Blackened Fawns Cleanse The Earth With Fire

This is some serious Twilight Zone shit, a bizarre amalgamation of jangly 60s garage pop and the rawest most blown out lo-fi black metal. The Mausoleums is Andrew Allen of Avian Bones and head of the Chaos Of The Stars label (who put out an Ak’chamel tape last year!) and he’s been slowly releasing these amazingly fucked up records for the past 7 years, but this one is my favorite, and long gone on the CWLU label, so do some wacky time traveling and try to imagine a world where this is what topped Billboard some 50 years ago.

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October OOPs: Xexyz – Primeval Mountain (Dipsomaniac / Suffering Jesus, 2006)

Xexyz - Primeval Mountain album cover

Download Primeval Mountain

Xexyz (J.R. Preston of Tjolgtjar) has one release to his name, and it’s an NESBM record chiefly inspired by the classic game Rygar. “What’s NESBM,” you ask? Well that would stand for Nintendo Entertainment System Black Metal, aka 8-bit black metal, and it’s not nearly as ridiculous as you’d think it would be. This is some premium shit. Raw, lo-fi black metal with yowling Gilbert Gottfried vocals that could stand well enough on its own without the added chiptune awesomeness. Most of the songs are completely original that sample NES games, but a couple pieces are more like covers, like “Metroid,” which is just the best fucking song, you never would’ve guessed that the Metroid music would make a great foundation for black metal. Highly original and super fucking weird. You’ll love it.

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October OOPs: Tortura – The Sounds Of Pain And Pleasure (Bondage, 1965?)

tortura album cover medium
Download Tortura – The Sounds Of Pain And Pleasure

So this one isn’t scary but I think the BDSM thing is wholly appropriate for the October OOPs series. Despite the “factual living record” claim on the cover, this is clearly a recreation of some “sexy” sounds, including moaning, crying, whipping, and slapping, and it’s fake enough that it’s way more hilarious than it is sexy. There’s almost no music, but the rhythm of the whips and stuff are somewhat musical, which makes for a truly bizarre listen. This is a fantastic mood setter. Great (and fuckin weird) stuff.

Out of Print

October OOPs: Nat Freedland – The Occult Explosion (United Artists, 1973)

nat freedland - the occult explosion album cover (medium)

Download The Occult Explosion

A truly crazy record containing interviews of people from all walks of life talking about their bizarre passions. There’s Anton LeVey talking about Satanism, why it’s got a bad rap and how it’s more about life than death, Wiccan Louise Huebner sharing the secrets of witchcraft, Dr. Thelma Ross going off about ESP, Rosemary Brown channeling dead composers, Stanton Friedman going deep into UFO theories, and lots more. Then there’s a couple songs by Black Widow, a British occult heavy metal band that never made it as far as Black Sabbath because they were a bit too out there.

There’s a big bound booklet inside the gatefold of this that’s too cumbersome to scan, so definitely pick up a copy of this if you ever found one, it’s well worth your money. Also, that artwork by Wilfried Satty is just fucking outstanding. Why wouldn’t you want to own this?

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October OOPs: Voices Of The Loon (National Audubon Society, 1980)

voices of the loon album cover

I’ve decided to use the month of October to share a bunch of spooky scary creepy crawly records. I’ve got tons. Some of them are maybe a bit subjective (like this one) and some of them I’ve posted before (also like this one) but I think it’ll be nice nice to collect them all under the October OOPs tag while also offering some new-to-AGB records.

Download Voices Of The Loon

Loons are fucking awesome because they sound like terrifyingly beautiful ghosts. If you’ve ever sat out by a lake in the middle of nowhere late at night, you know just how creepy loons can sound. This record does a great job capturing that. The first side includes some narration describing what’s going on, but the B side is untainted by humans, just loons doing their creepy fuckin thing alongside thunderstorms and coyote howls, so this is perfect Halloween material. Dig in.

Also, the back of the jacket has an “Important Note” that warns you not to play this record “near waters occupied by breeding pairs” because horny loons apparently can’t handle any competition.

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Happy Birthday: 4 Amazing Indian LPs

A gift for you on this, my 29th birthday and the 6th anniversary of AGB. 4 records of totally bitchin Indian jams. All 4 are included in the download link below. There’s also a couple other supreme Indian records I’ve posted in the past, Chatur Lal’s The Drums Of India, his collaboration with Ali Akbar Khan, The Music Of India: Morning & Evening Ragas, and there’s an Indian record included in the massive Lomax collection The Columbia World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music.

Download these Indian LPs

mahapurush misra - indian drums album cover medium
Mahapurush Misra’s Indian Drums (Connoisseur Society, 1966)

karnatic album cover medium
Karnatic: A Panorama Of South Indian Music (Vanguard Everyman, 1968)

hindustani album cover medium
Hindustani: A Panorama OF North Indian Music (Vanguard Everyman, 1968)

lakshmi shankar - the voice of album cover medium
Lakshmi Shankar’s The Voice Of Lakshmi Shankar (World Pacific, 1966)

Out of Print

Pronouncing The Scientific Names Of Seashells Of North America (Delaware Museum Of Natural History, 1969)

seashells of north america album cover

Download Pronouncing The Scientific Names Of Seashells Of North America

Ok so this is cheating a bit because I posted this once before about 4 years ago back in the .blogspot days. But so much has changed since then! And it’s still one of my favorite weird records. Plus I haven’t posted an out of print record in a while.

This is so super niche that it makes my head spin. It’s the companion record to the book Seashells Of North America by R. Tucker Abbott. This record has Abbott reading through, alphabetically, what I assume is a comprehensive list of the scientific names of seashells found in North America (and some “glossaries”). That’s it. No additional context, no background music, just one dedicated dude doing showing off his pro enunciating skills.

There’s a scan of the back of the jacket included in the zip which has the entire A-Z list of seashells so you can read along with Mr. Abbott.

Out of Print

Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows – Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Home Computers (Casablanca, 1983)

everything you always wanted to know about home computers album cover medium
Download Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Home Computers

Literally, everything. This is a fucking gem right here. Super charmer Steve Allen talks to his real-life wife/actress Jayne Meadows about computer dos & don’ts, how to buy one, what all that fancy terminology means, etc, etc. This is partly hilarious because even if it didn’t sound dated, it’s still insanely cheesy, but it’s also partly astounding when you see how far we’ve come in 30 years. Have a nice romp with nostalgia and maybe you’ll learn something too.

Out of Print

Tortura: The Sounds Of Pain And Pleasure (Bondage, 1965?)

tortura album cover medium
Download Tortura: The Sounds Of Pain And Pleasure

This is a wacky one you guys. And also hilarious. A 100% fake rendition of some BDSM recordings, it’s got moaning & crying, whipping & slapping, all that sexy stuff, except it’s not sexy. It sounds like some dude (or lady) cracking a whip and timing their yelp semi-appropriately. It’s just kinda funny that this is what someone would put on in the 60s to get in the mood or whatever. Strange times. There’s no music save for a very short bit at the end of both sides. There’s definitely a musical quality, though, the whips are pretty rhythmic and they sound like some 80s industrial snares, ripe for sampling. Not sure who is gonna download this or why, but there’s probably plenty of fellow weirdos out there interested. So, cheers.

On a technical note, both sides had multiple bands, but there was no tracklisting, and I didn’t see a compelling reason to split up the tracks, so there’s just two side long mp3s.

Out of Print

Nat Freedland – The Occult Explosion (United Artists, 1973)

Anton LeVeySatanism

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Download The Occult Explosion

This is kind of the companion record to Nat Freedland’s book of the same name. An amazing 2xLP of interviews with leaders in various occult fields, from witchcraft to magic to ESP to Satanism. Rosemary Brown channels dead composers and Anton LeVey talks about how Satanism is more about life than death. Tons of awesome material, hearing these people speak about their experiences is pretty fucking cool. There’s also a couple of killer tracks at the end by Black Widow, the British cult rockers that never made it as big as Sabbath. It comes with a full size attached booklet (that was too difficult to scan, sorry) so definitely pick this up if you ever find a copy. Plus that artwork by Wilfried Satty is fucking incredible.

There’s a rip of this record on the Internet Archive (that has more details on this if you’re interested). Normally I’d just leave it at that but the copy that was ripped for IA was in rough shape. Mine sounds great, very clean, so if you’ve already downloaded it from there, I recommend replacing it with my version.

Out of Print

The Hammons Family: A Study Of A West Virginia Family’s Traditions (Archive Of Folk Song, 1973)

Download The Hammons Family: A Study Of A West Virginia Family’s Traditions

This is the best fucking thing right here. Banjos & fiddles, ballads & stories, all from one West Virginian family. Alan Jabbour & Carl Fleischhauer just went to the Hammons family’s home, asked all the right questions, and pointed the mic in all the right directions. Truly excellent display of old American traditions. The highlight is Maggie’s songs, and luckily she’s featured pretty prominently, because her voice is otherworldy. She’s also nearly incomprehensible with the thickest West Virginian accent you could imagine. I’m definitely a sucker for this kind of thing but this collection is on another level.

The 2xLP box came with a huge booklet that has tons of photos & liner notes, and the Library Of Congress has published it as an updated PDF, which saved me the trouble of scanning the whole booklet. Also, while this is out of print via Rounder (who reissued it on CD in 1998 along with another Hammons collection of their own), I think it’s possible you can obtain a physical copy on demand from LoC on either CD-R or tape (like the Folkways stuff). The site seems dated, they say some of their titles might not be available on demand, and you have to mail a letter or call them to find out. So, jumping through all those hoops is definitely worthwhile for this album but I thought I’d give you a headstart. Enjoy.

Out of Print

Robert Frost Reads His Poetry (Caedmon, 1957)

Robert FrostThe Witch Of Coös

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Download Robert Frost Reads His Poetry
The master himself reading his own poetry, recorded in the comfort of his home in Cambridge the Spring of ’56. A fantastic choice of poems, most poignantly philosophical, read in the bleak & honest manner that only comes from living eighty years. I’ve posted “The Witch Of Coös” for streaming/download on its own because 1: it’s fucking awesome and 2: it’s Halloween times. Also, once I realized Frost sounds like Ice King, I fell head over heals.

Out of Print

The Columbia World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music

Download The Columbia World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music series

This is what I’ve been working on the past few weeks. Digitizing these ancient dusty records, scanning the jackets, and photographing the liner notes, for this hulking mass of worldly beauty collected Alan Lomax.

The Columbia World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music series goes well into the double digits (some details here), but these are the 7 best. My favorite place ever The Record Exchange gave me first dibs on this sweet bunch, so naturally I grabbed the ones from French Africa, Indonesia (New Guinea, Bali, Borneo, etc), Venezuela, British East Africa, India, Bulgaria, and Japan (also includes The Ryukyus, Formosa, And Korea).

There’s so much to dive in to, each record has insane diversity just in itself, and these are literally all over the map. 100% awesome, no filler. Lots of surprises & treasures. The music will speak for itself, but I have a lot of technical stuff I’d like to share as well.

The vinyl isn’t always in the best shape. Considering their age, they’re immaculate, but there’s still over half a century’s worth of grit caked in the grooves. I did my damnedest to clean ‘em and ended up only having one spot that wouldn’t play through. The second piece on the third band on side B of the Bulgaria record couldn’t play without skipping in the same spot every time, so I axed it. Everything else is intact. I didn’t do any digital cleanup for pops n clicks so these V0 mp3s sound as close to my vinyl as you’re gonna get.

The ID3 tags are a little weird but that’s because the records are a little weird. Each side has a few tracks/bands, and each track has between 1-10 pieces. I opted to keep the original format, so each mp3 represents one band (except that Bulgaria piece mentioned above, had to split that in two), and is tagged as “1: Song 1 / 2: Song 2″ and “1: Artist 1 / 2: Artist 2.” Also, the artists are spottily mentioned in the liner notes, so frequently just the name of the recording location is used in the “Artist” field.

But lucky you, I included legible photographs of allll the liner notes. Each record is a gatefold with attached booklets containing lots of photos and details on every song recorded, so my ID3 tags are just a pitiful attempt at capturing that data. The photographs aren’t prefect because I wasn’t sure how many people actually cared about them. So I slacked a bit on the quality, but like I said, they’re all legible.

I hope you enjoy these records as much as I do. They’re a bit of a shining gem in my collection and I’m really excited to share them with you. Globetrotting via records is the best way to go.